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What to expect? - is a new entertainment format for any age between 12 and 60! It is based on the unique technology which would instantly teleport your company into virtual world: we would suit you into special motional capture suits (just like in Hollywood movies!) and would send you into captivating journey of exploring another reality!

Visiting is probably the best way to spend time with your family, colleagues and friends!

100% emotions

All of our guests are extremely satisfied with their visit and their impressions last for the whole life!

Complete Immersion

Free Roaming VR at 1000ft2, no wires and complete freedom of movement - down to the fingertips!

Unique technology

This looks nothing like usual VR! Unique Senso Motion Capture technology transfers your exact body movent to your avatar - and vibration motors at each of your fingers let you feel the virtual world!

Social fun - is social entertainment. This is really great way to strengthen relationships in your family or team! Whereever else will you climb the Everest or save the planet from robots invasion?

Our games:

Phantom Squad

Get into future to battle against robots and save humanity from extinction! Captivating action with quest elements


Devastating action for hardcore VR gamers. Jump into battle mechs and fight on 2v2 arena! It's Player versur Player - No scenario - pure action!

Phantom Squad 2

The story continues! New unbelievable locations, quests and captivating storyline that you'd certainly like!




Price is specified per session, regardless number of participants. Maximum participants per one session: 4 person.


weekdays 11:00-16:00


weekdays 17:00-22:00 weekend and holidays 11:00-22:00

Last review:

😃Loved it!!! We were 4 people and it was very cool! I definetely recommed everyone to visit this place at least once!!! 😊 I look forward to the second part, emotions just goind wild have sooo cool moments but i will not spoil expectations!) And big thanks!)))👌

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