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sfera.one - is a team of developers who've been creating software and hardware for Virtual Reality for the past 10 years. We are one of the few world companies, who develops the whole technology cycle by ourselves - we create everything - from designing and manufacturing unique haptic gloves to developing beautiful virtual worlds and games.

sfera.one - is the only VR park in the world using haptic virtual gloves to detect fingers and palms movement! Besides - we are the only VR venue to use motion capture suits! We've been developing the technology for years and used it in movie making, industrial training systems, space industry and military. And today almost everyone can try it by just visiting sfera.one venue!

All the VR arcades worldwide either do not track your body at all, either use some external cameras and couple of sensors on your palms and feet to track some of your movement. All of your gestures, body plastic and subtle movements are being reproduced by data from only 4 points! That's not how a true full body motion capture looks like!

In our Senso Motion capture technology - all the person movements are being captured by a set of 72 sensors, mounted all across ones body and a setup of 20+ infrared cameras in a huge special room. And thats with a rate of more than 100 frames per second! As a result - you can be one of few to walk around VR with comfort, to easily communicate with virtual world and your friends - not only by looking and speaking - but with your gestures, body language and even tactile sensations!

Seeing and feeling your virtual body and hands is breathtaking experience and it's the way to get this indescribable depth of complete VR immersion!

Our mission is to give you the emotions that you will not experience anywhere else, to expand the boundaries of your imagination and create a new way to communicate with your friends and family. Whereever else can you climb the Everest or save the Earth from space invaders?


sfera.one - is a new entertainment format for any age between 10 and 60! It is based on the unique technology which would instantly teleport your company into virtual world: we would suit you into special motional capture suits (just like in Hollywood movies!) and would send you into captivating journey of exploring another reality!

Visiting sfera.one is probably the best way to spend time with your family, colleagues and friends!


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Frequently asked questions

What is sfera.one?

sfera.one is a network of hyperreality parks where you can come with friends, colleagues or family and have a fun time. This is a movie theater of new generation, where you are not sitting in your chair, but are right on the scene. We will put you into special motion capture suits, virtual gloves and you will get fully immersed in the virtual world. Your character will completely repeat your movements - from walking in space to the smallest oscillations of your fingers. This is truly a delightful experience and unsurpassed depth of immersion in the virtual world available only in sfera.one parks.

Is it Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is just one of many cutting-edge technologies that we use to give you the very unique experience of exploring sfera.one. We call it - HYPER reality because our brain sometimes just can not distinguish the real world and the virtual.

Is it like an escape room?

This might look like an escape room - but it's much much wider. Our games contain lot of elements from different genres to bring you absolute fun and please. You are not limited by the frames of the room - you open up new endless interactive worlds. It's more like a move where you and your team are the main stars. At the same time the immersion effect is so strong that you instantly get used to your role - from distant galaxies researcher to a warrior-mage!

What are age restrictions?

sfera.one is an awesome entertainment for adults! Companies aged from 20 to 60 will find it especially fun and interesting! Children will not get bored either, but according to safety measures we allow kids of over 10 years old only.

How do I prepare and what should I bring with me?

Just bring your company and your good mood! We'll give you all the rest! :) We will provide a complete set of equipment and instruct. It will be great if you arrive at the venue 10-15 minutes before the start of the session. Please keep with yourself (or remember) your passport data - they will be needed to enter into a member agreement. We remind you that in no case do we allow people under the influence of alcohol or drugs to play.

If you are under 14 years old, you must be accompanied by an adult, or you must have written permission from one of the parents.

How much does it cost?

The cost of a session for a team of up to 4 people ranges from 5,000 to 6,000 rubles (for the whole team) and depends on the time of the session - you can find out more in the booking section.

Can I come alone?

For your comfortable game we require at least two people. If you do not have a pair - it's not a problem, you can write to us in our Facebook group or on Instagram and we will find a team for you!

I really liked it! When will new games be available?

We release new games every quarter, and do small updates even more often - for example, we add new maps to the Arena.

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Can I get a discount?

Yes, you can get a 10% discount - if you post on Instagram, VKontakte or Facebook post about us and link to our profile: @ sfera.one, vk.com/sferaone, facebook.com/sferaone. Attention, the discount is valid only if you inform the operator by phone! :)

More questions?

Just call us at   and we will be happy to answer!

100% emotions

All of our guests are extremely satisfied with their visit and their impressions last for the whole life!

Complete Immersion

Free Roaming VR at 1000ft2, no wires and complete freedom of movement - down to the fingertips!

Unique technology

This looks nothing like usual VR! Unique Senso Motion Capture technology transfers your exact body movent to your avatar - and vibration motors at each of your fingers let you feel the virtual world!

Social fun

sfera.one - is social entertainment. This is really great way to strengthen relationships in your family or team! Whereever else will you climb the Everest or save the planet from robots invasion?


Price is specified per session, regardless number of participants. Maximum participants per one session: 4 person.


weekdays 11:00-16:00


weekdays 17:00-22:00 weekend and holidays 11:00-22:00

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😃Loved it!!! We were 4 people and it was very cool! I definetely recommed everyone to visit this place at least once!!! 😊 I look forward to the second part, emotions just goind wild have sooo cool moments but i will not spoil expectations!) And big thanks!)))👌

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Emotions are the best gift!

You already know how to make perfect gift. Your sfera.one visit would be remembered forever.

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